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Staff Contacts

If you’re interested in hosting an event at the Greenville Convention Center, please email or call Director of Sales, Elizabeth Lyons at 864-255-5857

Dan Brawley

Event Manager

tel: 864-255-5846

Melanie Brown

Catering Sales Manager

tel: 864-255-5852

Victor Brown

Operations Manager
– Setup

tel: 864-255-5841

Austin Chute

Food Services Manager

tel: 864-255-5881

Fergus Davidson

Executive Chef

tel: 864-255-5843

Scott Davis

Senior Event Manager

tel: 864-255-5845

Ashley Banks

Assistant Food Services
Manager – Retail

tel: 864-255-5842

Maureen Forbes

Accounts Payable

tel: 864-255-5849

Debbie Freeman

Catering Sales Coordinator

tel: 864-255-5850

Shannon Hallisey

Event Coordinator

tel: 864-255-5876

Janet Hallums

Sales Manager

tel: 864-255-5851

Dee Dee Holden

Sales Manager

tel: 864-255-5853

Carl Horton

Engineering Manager

tel: 864-255-5854

or 864-255-5848

Jeanne Koningsberg

Executive Sous Chef

tel: 864-255-5843

Elizabeth Lyons

Director of Sales


Deborah McKenzie

Catering Sales Coordinator

tel: 864-255-5858

Veronica Melino

Administrative Assistant,

Event Services

tel: 864-255-5873

Scott Monteverde

Assistant General Manager,

Director of Food & Beverage

tel: 864-255-5860

Steve Moran


tel: 864-255-5863

James Osborne

Assistant Food Services Manager

– Catering

tel: 864-255-5843

Victoria Raeckelboom

Accounting Assistant

tel:  864-255-5875

Jenna Reese

Event Coordinator

tel: 864-255-5859

Terri Shaluly

Administrative Assistant,

Food & Beverage

tel: 864-255-5892

David Wilson

Director of Finance

tel: 864-255-5868

John Wilusz

General Manager

tel: 864-255-5872

Jackie Winter

Operations Manager

tel: 864-255-5865

Christie Wright

Human Resources Manager

tel: 864-255-5864